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Piano Tights
Piano Tights
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Piano Tights

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The women’s tights Piano from Gabriella’s Fashion Collection adorn the legs with a distinctive pattern. Some perceive it as piano keys, others as stairs, and to others still it brings to mind the film Beetlejuice. And what does it remind you of? These black tights with stripes of different sizes on a lighter background will attract any fashionist’s attention. Thanks to their fancy design, the patterned women’s tights Piano will perfectly complement any cold weather styling giving it a fashionable character.  

✔ striped tights

✔ 60 denier tights

 fashionable pattern 

The fashionable patterned tights Piano offered by the brand Gabriella will transform any styling becoming its most distinctive element. Sheer toe-to-waist with a flat seam and small cotton gusset, these warm women’s tights are particularly comfortable.

The patterned tights Piano are made of elastic yarns double covered with polyamide silk. Thanks to their fine, dense structure, the yarns used for this model are very soft and velvety to the touch while making these 50 denier tights, manufactured with the use of the 3D technology, durable and ladder-resistant. The fashionable tights Piano with stripes of various sizes are available in one colour version - as black 50 denier tights (nero)